Hi, I’m Bonnie Gilmer, and I love quilts.  I love the fabrics, colors, textures, and varied patterns  that is unique to quilts.  Most of all I love to quilt, taking a quilt top and watching as it is transformed into a stunning finished quilt – after all, it isn’t a quilt until it’s quilted! 

I’ve been making quilts and hand quilting since 1985.  Then I started collecting quilt tops because I simply did not have the time to quilt them all.  The solution –buy a quilting machine – of course!  Now I am a proud owner of an American Professional Quilting System (APQS), it’s absolutely wonderful.  I have enjoyed every moment I spent learning and practicing ; Evolving, from an apprehensive beginner into a confident long arm quilter.  

Fortunately  family and friends allowed me to quilt several of their  quilt tops, turning them into treasures to display and cherish.  Now, a few months and several quilts  later I am ready to offer my quilting services to you.  So --- bring out those “Hidden Treasures’, and let’s turn them into quilts you will want to display or give as precious gifts that everyone will treasure for a lifetime.


Flower Border